#FlyWithLingoland Contest!

Win an $1800 trip to San Francisco with a friend for free!

Lingoland is launching to the public! Lingoland is a 3D world with virtual places like San Francisco where you can practice speaking with live English Buddies. For the #FlyWithLingoland contest, you get 1 hour free with a Buddy! Upon completion, you will be entered into the contest.

Welcome to Lingoland

Planning to travel or study abroad? Lingoland is the best way to prepare you to speak English at your destination. Lingoland is realistic and fun.

What is Lingoland?

Lingoland is a 3D virtual world that simulates real places like San Francisco. In Lingoland, you and your English Buddy are 3D avatars. Your Buddy will show you around, and help you improve your conversational English!

In Lingoland, there are no robots or computers, only native English speakers! Although you cannot see the face of your Buddy, you can hear their voice, just like a phone call.

The goal of Lingoland is to improve your conversational English, which will make your travel or study abroad experience that much better! You will also learn about cool places to visit.

How Can I Play?

All you need to play Lingoland is an iOS or Android device. You can download the Lingoland app for free.

Before you play in the Lingoland app, you must complete the "Lingoland Travel Guide" on our website to help you prepare for your first session. The Lingoland Travel Guide will take you about 30 minutes to complete. We will launch this soon on KakaoTalk.

Once you complete the "Lingoland Travel Guide," you are ready to visit Lingoland! Login to the app, pick a scene, and you will be automatically matched with an English Buddy. You will be speaking with your Buddy, so be sure to wear headphones!

Who Are the English Buddies?

Lingoland hires only the best English Buddies. They are college students, or recent graduates who are native English speakers.

Every English Buddy is interviewed to make sure they are kind, patient, and fun when you are practicing speaking English with them.

Keep in mind, Lingoland is not for complete beginners. Since Lingoland requires you to speak (just like the real world), you should know the very basics. You do not need to be an expert, but you shouldn't be surprised by "Hello, how are you?"

#FlyWithLingoland Contest
(Coming July)

Want to win a free flight to San Francisco with a friend?

To participate in the #FlyWithLingoland contest, you must complete the Lingoland Travel Guide, and 1 hour free in the Lingoland app.

If you share with a friend who also completes this, they will be eligible to join you if you win, so invite your friends!

Contest begins in July. Contest ends in September.

Any flight between October and December is eligible. If you do not spend all the money on flights, Lingoland will cover other costs (hotels, taxis, etc.). $1,800 max for 2 people, or $800 for 1 person.

The winner will be messaged on KakaoTalk!

Enter the contest on Kakao

The Scenes

Prepare yourself to visit the real place! Each scene lasts 30 minutes, and you will be given a private English Buddy.

Fisherman's Wharf: 30 minutes

This is San Francisco’s biggest attraction. See the trolley, visit the famous Sourdough bread restaurant, and eat some clam chowder and crabs! In this scene you will:

  • Politely ask for directions
  • Pay for food, understand when to tip
  • See Alcatraz, sea lions, and Pier 39!

After completing this, you will be an SF expert. Other tourists will be asking you for directions!

Ghirardino Square: 30 minutes

We hope you like food! In this scene you will eat fast food and chocolate from some of the most Californian hot spots. In this scene, you will:

  • Learn how to order and pay for fast food
  • Discuss food and dessert preferences
  • Experience iconic California culture that dates back to 1850!

After completing this, you will understand the differences between fast food and restaurants, and see an important part of California's history.

The Team,
& Your Tour Guides

If you win the contest, the Lingoland team will be your tour guides around San Francisco. The only caveat? You must speak English with us! We love it here, and we think you will too!

Tony Diepenbrock

CEO: Business & Design
University of Pennsylvania

Charles Moyes

CTO: Engineering & Infrastructure
Cornell University

Jason Lee

Marketing Korea: Growth
Yale School of Management

Sabah Bajwa

Marketing & Content
Copenhagen Business School

Joseph Pi

Marketing: Taiwan & China