• Practice Speaking English with Tutors in 3D Tourist Destinations

    Planning to travel or study abroad? Lingoland is the best way to prepare you to speak English at your destination. Lingoland is realistic and fun.

What is Lingoland?

Lingoland is a virtual 3D world that simulates real places like San Francisco. In Lingoland, you and your English Buddy are 3D avatars. Your Buddy will show you around, and help you improve your conversational English!

In Lingoland, there are no robots or computers, only native English speakers! Although you cannot see the face of your Buddy, you can hear their voice, just like a phone call.

The goal of Lingoland is to improve your conversational English, which will make your travel or study abroad experience that much better! You will also learn about cool places to visit.

Playing Lingoland

How Can I Play?

All you need to play Lingoland is an iOS or Android device. You can download the Lingoland app for free – we give you a free trial!

Once you download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play, you are ready to visit Lingoland! Login, pick a scene like New York City’s Times Square, and you will be automatically matched with an English Buddy. You will be speaking with your Buddy, so be sure you’re in a quiet place. Also, wearing headphones will limit noise and make sure you can hear your English Buddy clearly.

Roleplay with a Live Tutor in Lingoland

Who Are the English Buddies?

Lingoland hires only the best English Buddies. They are college students, or recent graduates who are native English speakers.

Every English Buddy is interviewed to make sure they are kind, patient, and fun when you are practicing speaking English with them.

Keep in mind, Lingoland is not for complete beginners. Since Lingoland requires you to speak (just like the real world), you should know the very basics. You do not need to be an expert, but you shouldn’t be surprised by “Hello, how are you?”

Lingoland English Tutor

Speak English, Have Fun!

Practice speaking English whenever you want with incredible English Buddies in 3D travel destinations.

Improve Your Speaking

Lingoland prepares you to speak in real situations. You will learn practical English and be able to use it!

Fun, Not Awkward

Lingoland makes speaking English fun, not awkward. Never have an awkward conversation!

Prepare to Travel

Lingoland makes your trip more fun! You will already be familiar with the best tourist destinations.

Play Lingoland with Mimi

Play Anytime

We have English Buddies available Monday-Saturday at any time. We are adding Sunday times soon!

Native English Speakers

Practice speaking English with native speakers. We only hire college students and graduates who are really nice and friendly!

Great Prices

We give a free trial, and payment plans start at $4.50 USD per hour (limited time promotional discount)!

"This app is awesome, I really enjoy speaking in context, using the specific words and receiving coaching at the same time."
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HannahHappy Customer
"Few options like this give you the chance to learn playing as you were in a video game. This is an incredible opportunity to interact with teachers, it makes you feel you are in the real world. Good graphics and excellent assistance by teachers."
128 (1)
PaulLingoland Addict
"The tutor was very nice and I think this idea is very good for learning English or just practicing your speaking skills with a native speaker. I recommend this app ^^"
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SooWorld Traveler
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Practice Speaking English in These Scenes

After logging into Lingoland, you can pick wherever you want to practice speaking! We are adding a new place every month, so come back often!

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