Experience foreign language immersion from home

  • Roleplay with live native-speaking tutors in realistic 3D scenes
  • Assimilate into a new culture and understand local customs
  • Learn English, play on iOS or Android

A top notch digital education tool that makes learning an interactive focused-fun experience.

‐ Edith Leni, Stanford English Professor

Speaking Focused

Lingoland is designed to improve your speaking in common situations!

Live Native Tutors

Speak with native tutors in Lingoland. They will act as characters in the scenes!

For All Levels

Lingoland is for everyone. The tutors will tailor each session to your level.

Students Love Lingoland

"정말 좋습니다ㅎㅎ 잘 못들으면 천천히 다시 말해주시고 언어학습하는데 최고의 앱입니다"

"It is good!! 못알아들었을때 다시말해주시고 설명도 친절하시고 좋아요♡"

"현지인과 롤플레잉 대화하기네요~ 재밌어요~ ㅎㅎ Talking in role playing. This app is so interesting."